Women’s incarceration has grown at twice the pace of men’s incarceration in recent decades.

According to a 2019 report by prisonpolicy.org, the United States is one of the top incarcerators of women in the world.

80% of women in jail in the U.S. are mothers.

1.9 million women leave prisons and jails each year. 80% of these women are mothers and most are primary caregivers to their children.

Women in the US justice system have less of an opportunity to succeed after release.

Women have fewer programming options, such as education, job training and 12-step programs, than men while in prison.

Our Story

In 2005, Televerde Visionary and Former CEO Jim Hooker realized that improving the employability of incarcerated women was only half the battle. They need jobs as they are released and Televerde couldn’t hire them all. Jim designed the TOPs (Transforming Our Possibilities) workshop to prepare women for reentry and employment.

In 2020, Televerde Foundation was launched to expand on this program and design and deliver a robust workforce development program that focuses on workplace readiness, career development, financial literacy, personal leadership, health & wellness and community reintegration. We call this the PATHS Program: Prepare Achieve and Transform for Healthy Success.


A Path Forward

  The Televerde Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides “a path forward” to currently and formerly incarcerated women. We empower the women of Televerde with the skills needed to build meaningful and rewarding professional careers and successfully reintegrate back into their communities. Our vision is a world with opportunities for all to be successful in the global workforce. Our mission is to help currently and formerly incarcerated women successfully join the global workforce. We do this through our core values:
  • Empower Others
  • Be Accountable
  • Pay it Forward
  • Courageously Improve
  • Develop Resiliency

Our Programs

Our Professional Development Curriculum is designed and delivered by full-time MBA students at Arizona State University.


Workplace Etiquette

Develop understanding of professional etiquette in the workplace

Teamwork & Collaboration

Improve ability and understand the importance of effective collaboration

Dress for Success

Covers professional interview attire & dressing for success in the workplace.

Resume Writing & Interview Prep

Develop a professional resume, prepare for various interview formats, job fair.


Professional Networking

Telling your story, creating a professional online presence.

James Hooker Endowment Scholarship

College opportunities & higher education to formerly incarcerated women.

Graduate Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it, hear what our past graduates have to say about the Televerde Workforce Program.


“Employability while in prison gave me back the self-worth and independence that I lost as a result of my incarceration. Further, Televerde’s commitment to reentry was key to helping me successfully transition back into my community. Their focus on career readiness and professional empowerment opportunities enabled me to secure a high paying professional position in technology after my release.”

Vivian Nelson

Televerde graduate


“Televerde gets you started with a career in business and the Televerde Foundation helps you nourish and grow it. The skills and programs provided by the foundation prepare you to manage your career upon reentry, which is critical to your long-term success. Having access to career resources, mentors, and job placement as you leave prison gives you a head start and makes you more competitive in the hiring process. To know you have complete and total support without judgment has made all the difference in my life. It’s empowered me to reclaim my future and become the woman I am today.”

Erica Munoz

Televerde graduate

Our Results

ASU Seidman Research Institute released findings in 2020 that quantify the economic, social and fiscal impact of our program on individuals, families, and the state of Arizona. Here are highlights.

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