Televerde to Host a C-Suite Panel with Leading Businesses to Show the Business, Social and Economic Benefits of Evolving Hiring Practices to Include Individuals with a Criminal Record

Phoenix, AZ – January 13, 2021 – The events of the past yearCOVID-19, civil unrest and economic downturn–have revealed large-scale systematic inequality, underscoring a dire need to build a more equitable and inclusive global workforce. The business community must come together to fully integrate diversity and inclusion strategies and practices into the workplace to help create opportunities and lasting progress for all. Changing Hearts & Minds: How Hiring Formerly Incarcerated Job Candidates Benefits Your Company, a virtual event hosted by Televerde, will provide meaningful insight from business leaders who have successfully bridged inclusion gaps to welcome all candidates, regardless of background and circumstance.


A pioneer in prison to workforce development, Televerde embraced this mindset 26-years ago through a business model that helps incarcerated women build sought-after business and technology skills through on-the-job experience that leads to productive career opportunities upon their release. This has had strong social, economic and fiscal impact on individuals, families and the states where they operate, as researched and reported by the Arizona State University Seidman Research Institute.


Televerde’s Chief Social Responsibility Officer Michelle Cirocco will lead a discussion about why companies must prioritize second-chance hiring as they emerge from the global pandemic to create an economy that works for more people. Joining Cirocco for the discussion are:


Following the discussion with business leaders, Cirocco will lead a panel discussion with Televerde graduates who will share how working for Televerde while incarcerated set them up for success after release.


What: A Televerde-hosted panel discussion on Changing Hearts & Minds: How Hiring Formerly Incarcerated Job Candidates Benefits Your Company

When: Thursday, February 11, 2021 @ 12 p.m. EST  

Where: Virtual Event




Speakers will share insights, best practices and lessons learned including how organizations can: 

  • Increase ROI from both a performance and retention standpoint by tapping into unconventional talent pools.
  • Integrate second-chance hiring as a key tenant of diversity and inclusion efforts.
  • Align company mission to the broader equity issues faced by the communities where we live and do business. 
  • Invest beyond employment and into the greater community.



“Televerde is a like-minded, inspiring partner that is focused on properly preparing incarcerated women for a successful second chance at life. Their program is organized, empathetic and built with dedicated staff who believe in the potential of those enrolled. Our work with Televerde is illuminating how important it is to prepare the incarcerated for success after their release, which starts by making sure they have the right opportunities for workforce training and development during their incarceration time. At Securus, we are wholly committed to second chance hiring and are proud of the opportunities this partnership has created.” Dave Abel, president and CEO of Aventiv Technologies, parent company of Securus Technologies.


“It’s imperative that we, as business leaders, come together to bridge the economic divide and transform communities from fragile to resilient as both a humanitarian and business imperative. Second chance hiring is an important component of bridging that divide. Televerde was built on purpose and today is a proud leader in prison to workforce development. We are proof of the business benefit for changing our mindsets as it relates to traditional hiring practices. Our workforce is filled with diversity from different backgrounds and cultures and is one that’s eager to learn, hardworking and fiercely loyal.” — Morag Lucey, CEO, Televerde


About Televerde

Phoenix-based Televerde is the first and only fully integrated sales and marketing technology organization with a proven execution model for generating demand and accelerating sales. The company combines end-to-end sales and marketing solutions to drive engagement, pipeline and revenue for the world’s leading B2B companies including SAP, GE, and Adobe-Marketo. Since the company began in 1995, Televerde has generated $10B in revenue for its clients.


A purpose-built company, Televerde believes in second-chance employment and strives to help disempowered people find their voice and reach their human potential. Seven of Televerde’s 10 engagement centers are staffed by, representing 70 percent of the company’s 600+ global workforce.


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