If 5000 words are spoken in an average 3-minute interview, and a smile is worth a 1000 words, then you can understand exactly how important dental aesthetics can be for the graduates of Televerde Foundation’s reentry program upon release from incarceration. Kathy Jacobsen tells her story in Televerde Foundation’s “women who make an impact” series.

A Life Touched by the Justice System

In our recent interview with Kathy Jacobsen, the experienced dentist dove straight into the very personal reason why she feels so indebted to Televerde Foundation: her daughter, who suffered from meth addiction, benefited from the program’s work.

One in three Americans have been arrested by the time they’re age 25, so it should come to no surprise that a number of people that you may interact with throughout the day at your favorite restaurants, shopping centers, or Zoom calls may have been touched by the American criminal justice system.

The Televerde Foundation’s Effect

During her time as an inmate in Arizona’s Department of Correction, Kathy’s daughter had the chance to join Televerde as an employee. Televerde is unique in that it’s 650 plus member global workforce includes seven contact centers staffed by incarcerated women.

Kathy says that her daughter learned skills that empowered her as an agent of good; someone not defined by her past mistakes, but by her future potential.

Upon release, Kathy’s daughter used her sales and marketing skills developed within the Televerde program to run her mother’s dentist office. Business has picked up thanks to her daughters marketing skills, and Kathy has made it a life goal of hers to give back to the foundation’s currently incarcerated women.

A Brand New Smile

Kathy performs cosmetic dentistry at a very low cost for the women upon release. She says that the life changing nature of a beautiful smile and the confidence it brings with it can make all the difference in one of the most critical times of a newly-released person’s life: a job interview.

The women usually value the appointment so much that they typically visit her dentist office the day after release in order to get a head start on the confidence they will need to navigate the next chapter of their life.

We encourage you to learn more about the women and their journey on our blog, or you can make a donation to assist more women that are preparing to embark on a new journey into the workforce.