Televerde Foundation is built on the values of development, continuous education, genuine compassion, and understanding of human potential. I am blessed and honored to have the opportunity to facilitate Televerde Foundation’s PATHS program, which provides that continuous development to women as they get ready for release. I have a passion for helping others see their potential, so when I was asked to participate it was a no brainer. 

Working at Televerde has given me a sense of purpose that I have never felt before. For so many years I floated through life with no real destination. With the skills I have gained from Televerde I am truly able to build a life on a solid foundation.  

Facilitating the PATHS program gives me the opportunity to give back to the women that have inspired me during my time. I am motivated to give my best self during this process and to giving my full attention to each participant, so they feel heard and understood throughout their personal development.  

I hope to give women a new perspective on life and give them the skills to live life on life’s terms. To share, collaborate, and connect with each participant to inspire faith in their abilities and choices. I will give assistance whenever I am needed to support my fellow women. My goal is to show the women here that they are beautifully made and have the power to design their own destiny. 

I could write pages on things I want to, hope to, and plan to give to the women of Televerde Foundation, but now I want to hear from you. What are you willing to give to support the discovery of human potential? I hope you’ll donate today.