When I first heard of Career PATHS, I was eager to sign up. I knew this program would help me build my skill set to become a better professional. Putting my all into this program has allowed me to make myself marketable, both in my self-development and business affairs.

At the beginning of the program, we worked on Personal Development. This is where I became aware of my feelings and my values. Rashele taught me to see my boundaries which I consider my self-worth consciously. My favorite book we worked on was “Managing my life.” I believe this was important to do first because without knowing who I am, I wouldn’t be able to move in a direction that best suits what is important to me. Now that I recognize what’s important to me, I can continue to improve my skills for a successful life after reentry.

Engaging in a college setting with our ASU professor Dr. Jules was another experience I enjoyed because it became a part of my growth as a student. With her holistic approach to teaching, she gave us all the opportunity to be confident in learning and never judged us on our wrongs. She redirected my mindset in business and taught me things such as marketing which has become a part of my entrepreneurship skills. I also enjoyed how she implemented the things we knew into what she was teaching so we could better understand what we were learning. I appreciate this most because once I achieve an associate degree, I want to enroll in Arizona State University to major in Business Marketing and minor in psychology.

Additionally, Michelle Cirocco has pulled me out of my shy comfort zone by forming opportunities for me to speak in front of my peers and facilitators. I had to do this with teach backs, book reports, and round table talks with companies who want to be involved in our Televerde Foundation future. The best presentation I have had to do so far was my book report on “Mastery” by Robert Greene. The more I put myself in positions to speak, the better I will become at public speaking. This has built powerful confidence in me to have a strong voice and opinion in what I have to say and how I deliver it in my presentations.

Playing a major part in my growing love for sales, Factor 8 training was very helpful and informative. Since I want to procure a position at Televerde, this training will allow me to utilize my customer-focused skills best by understanding how to position business solutions to clients. Having a certification through Factor 8 will open doors for me in the future, with an added skill for my resume. Developing myself into a successful Sales Development Representative to close deals in a corporate setting is something I’d like to do.

Through this journey, I approached everything I was taught wholeheartedly. Everything I learned was beneficial because I was afforded opportunities to become knowledgeable in many things. Most importantly, I found that CONFIDENCE is the driving force behind my effort in this program.