Written by Kelly H.

My childhood was excellent, and my parents raised me with Christian values and morals. After high school, I attended California State University, Sacramento; I majored in English Education with dreams of becoming an English teacher. Unfortunately, my wonderful upbringing and aspirations did not keep me from making some devastating choices that resulted in a different life path than I would have ever expected.

It is a true statement that alcoholism and addiction do not discriminate. For a time in my life, I fell to the evils of alcoholism and addiction. As a result of my poor decision-making, I ended up in prison. However, while incarcerated, I was blessed with the opportunity to work for Televerde. While there, I made sure to participate in anything that would ensure I would never fall victim to addiction again. The PATHS program with Televerde Foundation gave me the tools to rebuild, refresh, and restore my life. My participation in this program also helped improve my professional skills and set me up for a successful career in Technology Sales.

Upon my release, I was offered employment through Televerde’s corporate office, and I continue to build a successful career in the Technology arena. I am also attending Ashland University, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Communications with a minor in Sociology. I will earn this degree in about one year. I am very excited to accomplish this goal! I am also currently involved in AA, anger management, parenting, and relapse recovery classes.

I can honestly say that what could have been the worst experience in my life has become one of the best. The prison experience taught me so much about myself, humbled me, and allowed me a chance to refocus and reset my life back on the right track. I am super grateful for humility in my life today. The famous song “Amazing Grace” states, “I was lost, but now am found.” These lyrics ring true in my life, and I am so grateful for that.