Career PATHS Workforce Development Centers

We’ve seen how much talent, skill, ingenuity, and commitment there is behind prison walls and we want to give them every chance for success after release that we can.   That’s why we developed our Career PATHS Workforce Development Program.   The Career PATHS program is a six month online, in-person and virtual program that provides incarcerated women the training, development and certification necessary to become customer service, inside sales and computer tech professionals.   The program includes curriculum developed and delivered by Arizona State University, Linkedin, Factor8, and Cisco.   

The curriculum also includes our PATHS Reentry and PATHS2 Success transitional support programs to ensure the women have everything they need to develop fulfilling and economically rewarding careers.

Our first workforce development center opened at the Perryville women’s prison in May 2021 and is able to graduate about 60 women per year.   However, Our goal is triple that number, but the only way we can do that is to build a new classroom at Perryville.   We need to raise $100,000 to establish and maintain a portable classroom that will serve approximately 200 women per year.     

Your donation will help us achieve this goal!   

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