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Televerde Families Community Support Program

Why Support Televerde Families

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the world, the families of individuals who are incarcerated have been hit hard.

We realize this is an unlikely group for which to ask for support. The incarcerated community is one of the most stigmatized populations in the world–wrongly so. These are human beings who deserve a chance to become more than their worst mistake. Having an incarcerated family member affects multiple domains of life, including economic hardship, family dynamics, and emotional well-being. The entire family suffers.

Eighty percent of incarcerated women are moms. This separation inflicts profound damage on their children. Research suggests that the strength or weakness of the parent-child bond and the quality of the child and family’s social support system play significant roles in the child’s ability to overcome challenges and succeed in life. Because of COVID-19, prisons have had to take strict actions to ensure the health and safety of prisoners. As a result, visitation has been halted, making it even more difficult for incarcerated parents to maintain close bonds with their children.

We want to be the support system these children and their families need.

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